A review of the effect of mouthwashes and chewing gums on dental and oral health

انسیه باطنی, احمد مقاره عابد, عظیم ربیعی, بنفشه پورمرادی, Enseieh Bateni, Ahmad Moghareabed, Azim Rabiei, Banafsheh Pour Moradi


Introduction: Mechanical tooth cleaning is arguably the most common plaque control procedure. However, due to complex bacterial etiology of periodontal diseases and caries and unreliability of mechanical plaque control procedures chemical agents to control microbial agents have attracted a lot of attention as useful adjunctive methods. The aim of the present study was to review the effect of mouthwashes and chewing gums on orodental health.

Materials and Methods: In this review the protective role of mouthwashes and chewing gums in dental and oral health was evaluated by a comprehensive search in electronic databases such as ISI and Pubmed and a hand search of relevant journals and books from 1980 until 2011.

Results: Mouthwashes are known as the simplest system for the delivery of antiplaque and antimicrobial agents. Mouthwashes, similar to toothpastes, should have some characteristics, including the potential to remove enamel and dentin microbial plaques, cleaning properties, good taste, chemical stability and low cost. Common claims for the effects of chewing gums in regular users of xylitol-containing gums include removal of food debris and plaque from tooth surfaces, stimulation of salivary flow, increasing the pH of saliva and plaque, decreasing caries rate, and decreasing the incidence of gingivitis and periodontitis. The use of chewing gums to deliver fluoride and bicarbonate, and minerals such as calcium and phosphate into the oral cavity enhances acid-buffering capacity and decreases demineralization rate.

Conclusion: Use of mouthwashes and sugar-free chewing gums, especially xylitol-containing chewing gums, alone or in combination with other dental-protective substances with optimal doses and time periods can be considered effective programs for high-risk populations to achieve oral health.


Key words: Chewing gum, Mouthwash, Oral health.

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